I LOVE a great party! much thought and detail go into planning the best experiences for my friends and family. with over 10 years of practice, i am now branching out to help others  bring their parties to life! nothing is too big, or small for me, and i am open to all ideas and creative imaginations. here are a few things i believe will make your party a hit!

i believe that you don't have to spend a lot, to have a memorable party. simplify.

i believe that with a few creative touches, you will leave a lasting impression.

i believe in setting the mood with music, including a few great oldies.

i believe that you should spend time on the details. trust me, your guests will notice.

i believe its the people who make the party. an eclectic guest list makes for a fun fete.

i believe in serving food that are crowd pleasing to the eyes and taste buds

i believe the best party is one in which you're relaxed, and get to partake!

Please e-mail me for a consultation at myjoyfulevent@gmail.com and let's plan your next great event together!